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During the PAVITR project various sensors will be developed/adapted to the PAVITR conditions of use along the pilots in the frame of High Resolution Management cluster.

iMETOS MobiLab is a simple and innovative soil macro-nutrients analyzer based on capillary electrophoresis, which gives quick and precise indications on the level of NO3 and NH4. The measured data can be related to GPS coordinates via mobile app (available for Android and iOS) and can therefore support precision farming systems.
Crop macronutrient needs are easily satisfied with pre-drilling or post-emergence fertilization. A real adequate fertilization cannot be based on empirical evaluation; plant needs are satisfied by the factual presence of chemical elements in soil. Fertilizers themselves cost money, as well as their distribution in the field. Furthermore, over-fertilization damages the environment seriously. A conventional laboratory measurement gives the highest precision results, however it takes time before results are delivered and the method is expensive. Some small field test kits exist but most of them are not satisfyingly precise, are too complicated to use or give results only for some nutrients. iMETOS MobiLab integrates multiple soil nutrient analysis into a single microfluidic chip.

A mobile soil lab is a completely new concept, which integrates soil nutrient analyses into a single microfluidic chip. After the soil samples are extracted from the field, the sample preparation is done right on the field or in the office. The filtered sample is injected into a microfluidic capillary where a strong electric field is applied. All important nutrients are separated in the chip according to their chemical nature and finally measured by a detector at the end of the capillary. This technology also works for on-site measurements in field conditions and can be operated by users without prior laboratory knowledge. The measured data is related to GPS coordinates (using a mobile app) and is sent via telecommunication to a web-cloud, where it is safely stored and accessible for the user. The data is easily converted into machine-readable formats, allowing the automatic site-specific variable rate application with precision farm machinery (e.g. fertilizer spreaders, sprayer etc.). 


Sample analysis are time and geographically referential and can be logged to Agro-Meteorological Data Management.


Sample volume

50-100 μl

Measurement range

3-1000 ppm; 0.01-0.5 g/kg


0.5 ppm; 1 mg/kg


For measurements of liquid concentrations (ppm): ±3 % For measurements of soil concentrations (mg/kg): ±15 %

Chip lifetime

Approximately 300-500 tests

Battery capacity

2 hours of measuring time

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research
and innovation programme under the grant agreement No. 765262

The iMETOS® IMT are robust and reliable weather stations suited for any needs on field including Rain Gauge and all the sensors for Evapotranspiration calculation: Air Temperature and Relative Humidity sensor, Global Radiation and Wind Speed. Powered by a Solar Panel, it has an internal battery and transmits weather data in real time over GSM/GPRS – thus dispensing infrastructure on the installation location. The station can also send SMS Alarms (user-defined via Internet) to alert in cases of frost, strong rain, high temperature and more.
Data can be regularly uploaded to Agro-Meteorological Data Management platform that can accessed from any place at any time in real-time. Along with accessing the historical data and daily evapotranspiration values, it is possible to take advantage of decision support solutions like localised Weather Forecast, Disease Models and Irrigation Management.

FieldClimate was launched in 2005 as the first ever web platform for collecting and displaying agro-meteorological data of tens of thousands of weather stations installed all over the world. Near real-time and historic weather are important for understanding what is impacting the crops. Future weather or forecasts are important for planning and future activities. iMETEO brings these two aspects together.
With weather station it is possible to get the best forecast for farm and fields by: using real-time local measurements to post-correct modeled forecast output, eliminating model bias and updating the forecast frequently with the last data from the station, satellite and radar. Artificial intelligence is further used to increase the models skill and optimally combine/select the best forecast models at any particular location.


✓ 3 or 7-days Hyper-Local weather forecast data and meteograms with hourly resolution
✓  14-days forecast outlook
✓  Output hourly data for multiple forecast variables, including all the important agrometeorological variables, daily ET and more
✓  Multiple output: raw data and images
✓  Saved Formats: CSV and PNG
✓  High-resolution weather models by using a multi-model approach
✓  Site-specific weather forecast corrected with station data

The Yara Water Sensor measures changes in the leaf’s turgor pressure of the plant. As the turgor pressure is the driving force for plant growth and fruit production, proper water management is the key.

• Plant-based, continuous and non-destructive measurement of plant water status
• Online data transmission and web-based access via MyYara
• Automatic, validated crop-specific irrigation-recommendation in combination with MegaLab from Yara with nutrition advice

The Yara Water-Sensor is designed for use during several seasons. The durability also depends on environmental conditions during the use and will be determined by:

• Intensity of UV radiation
• Contact with fertilizers and pesticides
• Contact with secretions of the plant
• Mechanical damage
• Temperature


Temperature range

+5°C to +60°C

Connection cable

Length ca. 2m

Delivery contents:

Yara Water-Sensor/documentation Mounting clips for wire


For measurements of liquid concentrations (ppm): ±3 % For measurements of soil concentrations (mg/kg): ±15 %

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